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Semper Fi Bandsman Award Info:

High school musicians embody many virtues that we, as Marines, admire. To help high schools promote recognition of achievements and sacrifices their musicians make, the Marine Corps provides the Semper Fidelis Music Award. It's an award in spirit with traditions that date back to the days of John Philip Sousa and his role in making the Marine Corps Band the premiere musical unit it is today -- The Presidents Own. The award need not be geared toward the top notch instrumentalist who may be receiving music scholarships, but can be used to recognize your competent musician who has shown yearly improvement, dedication and enthusiasm.

In your nomination process, the student must:

-Be a high school senior;
-Hold a first chair position in the band;
-Be capable of performing as a soloist with the high school band; and
-Be recognized as both an outstanding performer and as a truly outstanding young citizen

The purpose of making this award is to assist you, the director, in honoring a deserving, outstanding bandsman and at the same time provide an incentive to those who may be eligible for the award in subsequent years.

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