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Dear AthleticDirector_FullName , AthleticDirector_Position , AthleticDirector_School .

Thank you for submitting MaleDistAth & FemaleDistAth as the Marine Corps' Distinguished Athletes for AthleticDirector_School . The award will take a few days to process and will then be forwarded to your local recruiter. Your information will accompany the award. Your local Marine Corps recruiter will contact you to coordinate him presenting the award to the student(s) on DistAthDate during the awards presentation night. Thank you. 

You contact information is:

Work Phone: AthleticDirector_WorkPhone

FAX: AthleticDirector_Fax

E-mail: AthleticDirector_Email

If any of this information is incorrect, please go back to the feedback form and change it. We thank you for your participation.


SSgt. William Price, United States Marine Corps

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Revised: February 05, 2003 .