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Distinguished Athlete Award Info:

The Distinguished Athlete Award is a popular facet of our program. We only offer this award to the most deserving individuals. The Distinguished Athlete Award, unlike others of its type, need not necessarily recognize that naturally talented high school athlete who is in line for MVP honors or an athletic scholarship to college. Although selection of the award recipient is left completely to the schools athletic director, the Marine Corps has designed the Distinguished Athlete Award to be given to young persons (we encourage selection of one young man and one young woman) who epitomize the adage, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. We hope you take advantage of the opportunity this spring to recognize your Distinguished Athlete, and we'd like to think that the award and what it stands for will become a traditional part of your school's athletic program.

In your nomination process, the student must:

-Be a high school student in grade 9 through 12;
-Be an athlete in a school sponsored sport;
-Be recognized as an exemplary young citizen and role model for younger students; and
-Be recognized as having best exhibited the personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence, and leadership while performing as a varsity athlete

This award is to assist you, the athletic director, in honoring a deserving and possibly unsung varsity athlete. The recipient need not be your most outstanding athlete, but one who has best exhibited that unique combination of qualities mentioned above while performing in high school sports.

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