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Dear Name ,

Congratulations!  You have successfully submitted your schedule.  Once printed, the Marine Corps will mail 500 copies of this schedule to your local Marine recruiter.  The recruiter will deliver these schedules to your school as soon as he or she receives them. 

Below is the information that will be included on your sports schedule.  If any of this information is incorrect, please go back to the feedback form and resubmit your information. To get an idea of what your schedules will look like, CLICK HERE.

Semper Fidelis,

Jeff Middleton
Staff Sergeant, USMC

Please review your schedule information for accuracy:

Your School:     School            
Your Mascot:    Mascot   
Your Name:      Name   
Work Phone:    Phone  
Sport:                Sport        Boys= Boys Girls= Girls

                                           NOTE:  "ON" = YES 

Game 1:    G1date     G1place         G1home     G1time
Game 2:    G2date     G2place         G2home     G2time
Game 3:    G3date     G3place         G3home     G3time
Game 4:    G4date     G4place         G4home     G4time
Game 5:    G5date     G5place         G5home     G5time
Game 6:    G6date     G6place         G6home     G6time
Game 7:    G7date     G7place         G7home     G7time    
Game 8:    G8date     G8place         G8home     G8time
Game 8:    G9date     G9place         G9home     G9time
Game 10:    G10date     G10place         G10home     G10time
Game 11:    G11date     G11place         G11home     G11time
Game 12:    G12date     G12place         G12home     G12time
Game 13:    G13date     G13place         G13home     G13time
Game 14:    G14date     G14place         G14home     G14time
Game 15:    G15date     G15place         G15home     G15time
Game 16:    G16date     G16place         G16home     G16time
Game 17:    G17date     G17place         G17home     G17time
Game 18:    G18date     G18place         G18home     G18time
Game 19:    G19date     G19place         G19home     G19time
Game 20:    G20date     G20place         G20home     G20time
Game 21:    G21date     G21place         G21home     G21time
Game 22:    G22date     G22place         G22home     G22time
Game 23:    G23date     G23place         G23home     G23time
Game 24:    G24date     G24place         G24home     G24time
Game 25:    G25date     G25place         G25home     G25time
Game 26:    G26date     G26place         G26home     G26time
Game 27:    G27date     G27place         G27home     G27time
Game 28:    G28date     G28place         G28home     G28time
Game 29:    G29date     G29place         G29home     G29time
Game 30:    G30date     G30place         G30home     G30time

To submit additional schedules, return to the feedback form by clicking HERE.

For questions or for more information, please contact SSgt. Jeff Middleton at (410) 379-5709.


Revised: May 06, 2003 .